We conduct Environmental Audit Report (EAR) study according to guidance, standard and regulatory requirements. We provide top-quality services of the highest possible standard which meet internationally recognized level of performance. We shall work out comprehensive study criteria specially designed and tailored to go well with your operations and to suit your peculiar concerns. The study will be carried out using advanced software technology tools and will provide top-performance data analysis with verifiable reference results and dependable baseline findings. We will go in-depth of every element of the studies, collect and publish all relevant data required to make the report acceptable and implementable. As a leading QHSE&S company in Nigeria, we provide up-to-date and accurate information, and a well-tailored guidance on QHSE & issues, and our services help organizations to identify hazards, manage risk, prevent loss, reduce cost, increase productivity and improve reputation. The study has a high promise for your organization and is strongly recommended for your approval. We look forward to a beneficial business relationship between our organizations.


Payment Terms

1. You will pay us 50% of the agreed sum excluding Value Added Tax on award of the contract.

2.Balance of 50% of the agreed sum, excluding Value Added Tax will be paid to us when we have submitted the report


Materials and Supervision

We will supply all the necessary materials needed to carry out the work. We will also be responsible for labour and supervision


Security of our property

We will make our own arrangement to ensure the security of the system under audit and our property


Injury or Death of our Workman
We are liable for and shall indemnify you against any liability, loss, claims or proceedings whatsoever arising under any status or common law in respect of personnel injury to or death of any person whatsoever arising from the discharge of the work included in the study. We shall also take adequate precaution for the safety of our workman. You will have no responsibility in these regards whatsoever.


Secrecy and privacy

All information collected by us during the preparation of report, data etc. will be your property. No information in full or part will be passed on to any other source or organisation without your written consent


Scope of Work.

We shall work out comprehensive Environmental Audit checklists specially designed and tailored to go well with your operations and to suit your peculiar concerns. The audit will provide top-performance data analysis with verifiable reference laboratory results and dependable baseline


findings. We will go in dept of every element of environmental system, audit them, collect and publish all relevant data required to make the report acceptable to State Ministry of Environment, the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and other relevant regulatory agencies


The basis of the study is the generation of baseline environmental information on your facility and characterising conditions in place. The scope of this baseline data generation process will cover the following areas


Vegetation Studies

Soil Studies

Air Quality Studies

Climate and Meteorology Studies

Groundwater Studies

Impacts and Mitigation


The major objectives of this environmental audit include the followings


1. Generation of adequate environmental information assessment of your facility for the potential environment risks that are likely to be caused by the operations of its facilities

2. Achieving maximum resource optimisation and improved process performance

3. Encouraging the company to self-regulate their environmental practices, and to increase their responsibility to stakeholders and society

4.Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements


Typical issues to be addressed during the comprehensive site audit included:


1.Review of Sitting and Adjacent Land Use

2.Compliance with relevant Legislation

3.Contaminated land

4.Building Structures

5.Emissions to air

6.Emissions to Water

7.Noise Impacts

8.Emission control technologies, their operation status and effectiveness

9.Waste Disposal

10.Health and Safety

11.Other Issues (general housekeeping, storage of petroleum products, site security, fire precautions etc.)




The final report will include the following among others:
Executive Summary                                                                                                  


1.Background Information

2.Objectives of the Audit

3.Environmental Audit Methodology

4.Reasons to Audit

5.Audit Process

6.Legal Requirements

7.Statutory Environmental Bodies in Nigeria

8.Relevant Environmental Laws and Guidelines and Standards for Environmental Pollution in Nigeria

9.Policy and Commitment Statement


Facility and Processes Description


1.Description of facility


3.Processes Description

4.General Operational Activities


Report of Site/Facility Inspection

1.Sources of Water and Uses

2.Waste Water Discharge

3.Sources of Energy

4.Equipment and Maintenance Procedure


6.Hazard Identification

7.Operator Practices and Training                                                             

8.Site Tidiness                                                                                                                     

9.Population and Workroom Environment                                                             

10.Transports and Distribution                                                                                  

11.Management Commitment to Safety and Safety Programs                  

12.Health and Emergencies                                                                         

13.HSE Statistics and Documentations                                                                   


15.Environmental Management System (EMS) & HSE Policies                

17.Inventory, Monitoring and Recording of Waste                           

18.External Relations


Life Cycle Analysis


1.Identification of inputs                                                                              

2.Identification of outputs                                                            

3.Material Balance                                                              

4.Mass Balance Measurement                                                                   

5.Waste Inventory and Characterization                                               

6.Waste Management

Baseline Findings                                                                                     

1.Weather Conditions                                                                                             


3.Air/Gaseous Emissions                                                                                        

4.Borehole Analysis                                                                                    

5.Water Effluent Analysis                           


7.Socio - Economics

Impact Evaluation                                                                              

1.Impact Identification                                                                                            

2.Impact Quantification                                                                              

3.Land use                                                                                                              

4.Portable Water                                                                                                     

5.Effluent Water                                                                                                      

7.Air Impact                                                                                                            


9.Solid Waste                                                                                              

10.Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare                                                           

11.Product Packaging and Factory Location                                                           

12.General Sanitation                                                                                               

13.Socio-Economic Impact                                                                          

14.Compliance with Statutory Regulations                                                  

Fellow-Up Action Schedule                                                                                    



We have conducted similar studies for the following organisations:

1.United Cement Company of Nigeria Limited (Lafarge Holcim Group), Calabar

2.Pipe Coater Nigeria Limited (Tenaris Group), Federal Ocean Terminal, Onne,

3.Exterran Nigeria Energy Services Limited (Exterran Corporation), Port Harcourt

4.Global Gas and Refining Limited (Global Energy Group), Port Harcourt

5.Ace Footwear Industries Limited, Port Harcourt

6.BOC Gas Plc, Port Harcourt

7.Nigeria Engineering Work Limited, Port Harcourt

8.Conoil Plc, Port Harcourt

9.First Aluminium Plc, Port Harcourt

10.Central Horizon Gas Company, Port Harcourt

11.Gaslink Nigeria Limited, Ikeja, Lagos

12.Royal Salt Limited

13.Rockson Engineering Company Limited

14.Nascon Allied Industries Plc

15.Exterran Nigeria Limited

16.Tenaris Global Services Nigeria Limited



Our programs are approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria; we are also affiliated with many other organization and government agencies:

1.National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH)

2. International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA)

3. Chartered Quality Institute (CQI)

4.National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria (NISCN)

5.Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON)

6.Department of Petroleum Resources

7.St. John Ambulance

8.Nigeria Red Cross Society

9.Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)

10.Federal Fire Service

11.National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA)

12.National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA)

13.Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)

14.National Fire Prevention Project

15.Fire Protection Association

16.Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment

17.Federal Ministry of Health

18.Federal Ministry of Environment

19.Federal Ministry of Transport


1. Alcon Nigeria Limited

2. Arkleen Oil Nigeria limited

3. Weltec Nigeria Limited

4. Tenaris Nigeria Limited

5. Clean Nigeria Associate Limited

6. International Breweries Limited ( Pabod Breweries)

7. United Cement Company of Nigeria Limited (Lafarge Holcim Group)

8. Pipe Coater Nigeria Limited

9. Exterran Nigeria Energy Services Limited (Exterran Corporation)

10. Global Gas and Refining Limited (Global Energy Group)

11. Ace Footwear Industries Limited

12. BOC Gas Plc

13. Nigeria Engineering Work Limited

15. Conoil Plc

17. First Aluminium Plc

18. Central Horizon Gas Company

19. Gaslink Nigeria Limited

18. ABC Transport Plc

19. Abia State Environmental Protection Agency

20. Aiico Insurance Plc

21. Air France

22. Atlas Cement Company

23. BOC Gases

24. Center for Advance Social Science

25. Ciscon Nigeria Limited

26. Conoil Plc

27. Courdear Catering

28. Delta Environmental Logistic Limited

29. DHL

30. Drillog Petro-dynamics Limited

31. Drillpet International Limited

32. Dufil Prima Food Industry Limited

33. Elektrint Nigeria Limited

34. Federal Fire Service

35. Federal Road Safety Commission

36. First Bank of Nigeria Limited

37. First Aluminum Nigeria Plc

38.Global Gas and Refining Limited

39. Hanover Nigeria Energy Services Limited

40. Intels Nigeria Limited

41. Jubaili Bros Engineering Limited

42. Lonestar Drilling Limited

43. MTN Nigeria Communication Limited

44. Multimesh Communication Limited

45. National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria

46. Niger Insurance Plc

47. Nigeria Engineering Works Limited

48. Nigeria Naval Shipyard

49. Nigerian Red Cross Society

50. NLSS

51. Novotel Hotel

52. Okmas Engineering

53. Philips Project Center

54. Port Harcourt Refining Company Limited

55. Prodeco Nigeria Limited

56. Rivers State Ministry of Power

57. Rockson Engineering Limited

58. Saipem Nigeria Limited

59. Sap Drilling Oil and Gas Limited

60. Seric Impiant Nigeria Limited

61. Sowsco Well Services

62. St. John Ambulance

63. Starsz Marine

64. Tractor and Equipment

65.Titan Tubulars

66.Union Bank of Nigeria Plc

67.Union Homes Savings and Loans

68.United Parcel Services

69.Weafri Well Services

70.Wingate House Hotel